The Best Wedding Hashtag Generator

I believe in the Internet era to “Hashtag or not to hashtag” is a struggle for all of us.

Us too tried to go for an unplugged wedding yet flew to Mexico with a hashtag for our guests to use so I guess that was sending the wrong message because well, our unplugged destination wedding was not so “unplugged” after all.

Whether you want to give an iPhone-free wedding a try or not, a hashtag is a fun way to view your wedding day through the eyes of your guests even after the festivities are over. Coming up with the perfect or unique Hashtag is not always easy, but don’t you worry about a thing. After playing with several complicated hashtags generators I ended up finding an easy to use one that spits out personalized #hashtags in a matter of seconds… check it out here!

Choosing a wedding hashtag…


Hashtags can be used by multiple people at once. Be sure you’re picking something unique that won’t get lost in the middle of an active discussion.


You should check your preferred hashtag on Instagram to see how many posts are using the hashtag and if they’re recent.


You need to share your hashtag in a fun and visible fashion. Chalkboard, posters, and table cards are all good options. We offer you free custom posters once you select which hashtag you want to use in the next step. (They’re unbelievably awesome)


Getting guests to snap pics all night is awesome, but you need to collect them in one central location so that you can share them with everyone. We provide you with an awesome Instagram album on your free wedding website.


A live Instagram feed can get “interesting”, to put it nicely. There’s no way to control who tags what images with your hashtag. Our Instagram albums on eWedding allow you to delete any images or videos you don’t want and even re-order the images. Guests can love and comment on your pics as well.

Once you have found the perfect #Hashtag for your wedding go ahead and tag us on Instagram so we can follow along.

Published by Will Medina 

Here’s the deal: I know you’re dreaming of a tropical beach wedding — may be in Mexico or the Caribbean, warm sand, breathtaking scenery, a gentle breeze blowing your hair in a way that makes you look even more incredible than you imagined — followed by the kind of exotic honeymoon that you’ll be talking about (and hopefully re-living!) for decades. And I get that you’re busy with work and life and might not be super sure about where to go or how to get the best deals or how to plan for everything that might come up. But one thing you do know for sure: you don’t want to leave this event up to chance. Whether you are planning to elope or bring 200 of your closest family and friends, it is my job to understand you and your desires, and then combine my extensive knowledge of the available destinations in order to make this dream event a reality. This more than work, this is my passion!


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