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Nikki Sanders - Director of Customer Service

Nikki Sanders

Director of Customer Service

Nikki Sanders - Director of Customer Service

Mario M Lopez

Destination Weddings Expert | President

Prissi Powell - Group Travel Specialist

Prissi Powell

Destination Weddings Expert | Groups Travel Specialist

Prissi Powell - Group Travel Specialist

Cary Camacho

Destination Weddings Expert | Groups Travel Specialist

Nikki Sanders wearing blue dress

Nikki Sanders

I am a native Floridian who can only thrive in warm weather. No snow for me! I have lived in CA and AZ before moving back home to sunny South Florida.

• My first ever international, group trip was to Mexico in 9th grade. Travel had me hooked! It was so exciting but not as amazing as meeting my future husband in Cabo San Lucas in 1992. (Did I mention Van Halen was playing live in their bar….) He left but flew back 2 days later and the rest is history!

• We have been married for 28+ years and have 4 kids. Our first All-Inclusive vacation was our honeymoon to Sandals Montego Bay in 1993. I still wear the flip flop charm I bought there.

• I love animals and have had up to 7 pugs at once. They look super cute in sweaters! If you contact me while I’m working, there’s likely a cat lounging on my desk.

• I have been lucky enough to enjoy my favorite beverage (just beer, lol!) all around this beautiful world, in 23 countries and more than half of the states. I think I could live on only ceviche and dessert.

My life is better than my daydreams!

Nikki Sanders wearing blue dress

Mario M Lopez

The Universe will always give you what you ask for! A Wisconsin native turned South Florida sun addict, travel is a core part of my everyday life.

After spending the first 30 years of my life in beautiful Wisconsin, it was time for me to follow my instincts (and my soon-to-be Husband) to Sunny South Florida. With 15 years of experience directing creative teams in the global Advertising industry, I took the leap in 2022 and joined the Destination Weddings Expert team, and my husband, in their passion to bring each Destination Wedding experience to fruition. My goal is to help each of our amazing couples in creating a dream wedding that they can speak about with their friends and family for years to come!

When I’m not nerding-out in a Google Spreadsheet, you’ll find me outside with our dog, Max, or plotting our next adventure to any one of the new destinations we love to explore.


Prissi Powell - Groups Travel Specialist

Prissi Powell

Your fun-loving, cocktail-sipping, world-exploring, celebration travel expert.

Travel is more than my passion, it’s my life. No really think of me as Carmen San Diego if she were a real person. As a bullied kid, travel helped me reclaim my voice and self-esteem.  I began my travel career in 2010, with a focus on helping women take more vacations.  I realized my superpower was planning group travel celebrations such as destination weddings, milestone birthday trips, and holiday getaways. 

As a Chicago native, I spend my winters fleeing the “Hawk” aka the strong winds which engulf my city from November - March, often exploring beautiful Caribbean landscapes. My love of food and wine has led my palate throughout Europe and South America, my sights are now set on tasting my way through Africa & Asia. 

I’m thrilled to work alongside this amazing team at Destination Weddings Expert as we continue to bring our couple's vision to life! 


Prissi Powell - Groups Travel Specialist

Cary Camacho

Destination Weddings Expert

Meet Cary Camacho, the newest addition to Destination Weddings Expert's team. With over three years of experience in crafting unforgettable weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean, Cary's passion for creating magical moments shines through in every detail. Her meticulous planning ensures that each event unfolds seamlessly, leaving couples with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Drawing from her Dominican heritage, Cary brings a unique perspective and cultural understanding to her work, enhancing every aspect of the planning process. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she effortlessly connects with clients, forging meaningful relationships that go beyond the ordinary.

Cary's arrival reinforces Destination Weddings Expert's commitment to delivering personalized service and unforgettable experiences. To begin your journey to a dream destination wedding, visit or secure your Complimentary Consultation on our Consultation Calendar today.


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